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What IS Unclaimed Property/Money?


Well over 30 BILLION dollars is held by the government waiting to be claimed. The money comes from bank accounts, stock certificates, un-cashed checks, insurance checks, (insurance policy proceeds), bonds, dividends, utility refunds, credit unions, and more. Anything from a forgotten bank account to an inheritance you didn't know you had. It is turned over to the State by law, because the owners cannot be located. Millions of dollars continue to pour into the funds every month.

Most people do not know they have any unclaimed money or property nor do they know how to find and claim it.  Using our free search, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll find yourself a nice surprise in just a few minutes.

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*Search For Unclaimed Property Key Information: unclaimedpropertydatabase.org is not connected with or associated with the US government, nor with any state or federal government agency in any way. We just want to help more people find their missing money quicker and easier by putting this information in one place for you. There is no charge for our services. Our rewards come from ad revenue... and warm & fuzzies when you find money.

"Unclaimed Property laws in the United States provide for two reporting periods each year whereby unclaimed bank accounts, stocks, insurance proceeds, utility deposits, un-cashed checks and other forms of "personal property" are reported first to the individual state's Unclaimed Property Office, then published in a local newspaper and then finally the property is turned over to the State for safe keeping until its rightful owner makes a claim. The states sponsor a free public site that reports only a portion of the unclaimed property available in the United States. There are commercial sites as well that provide the same information or portions of the information for a fee. Some consumer reporting sites that conduct the research and assist consumers will do so without charge or expense to the consumers."        - Wikipedia

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The opportunity is real. The service is free. Use our pro resources and techniques to give you the best shot at finding real money for you and for loved ones. There's over $32 Billion at stake... don't leave it to chance.

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Inheritances in Insurance Policy Proceeds Totaling Billions of Dollars Remain Unclaimed!


In our high-tech, digitally-connected age, when people can even buy insurance online, it's hard to imagine that someone could be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy but not receive the money. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.

Frequently, people buy life insurance and don't let the beneficiaries know about the policy. Combine that with a simple address change, and voila'... more unclaimed money. Failure to pay death benefits as a practice has permeated the insurance industry.

Recently the life insurance industry acknowledged the problem of unpaid benefits. They are now redoubling their efforts to find beneficiaries, and if they fail, the money is turned over to State Unclaimed Property Offices. You can check these using our free links, of course.

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